January 28, 2013

The Future of Long Hungry Creek Farm and the Home of The Barefoot Farmer

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Fear not, fellow eaters of healthy, safe food, stewards of the soil and land, and caretakers of the future of the community and the planet.

The info HERE says it all…

Round one of the battle to resist the encroachment of Big Chicken may have been a substantial disappointment, but the game’s not over just yet.

There’s a growing energy that indicates the larger Middle Tennessee community is flexing to respond to these things in ways that haven’t been seen before.

btw – notice that the front page on the chicken factory’s web site is bragging about its latest Terminator-esque model of bird. Kind of makes you wonder—what exactly are they feeding those birds? In what ways did they mess with their genetic makeup? And what exactly must be coarsing through their veins and their life energy, which subsequently is ingested when one eats a mess of wings and such at any number of “fine food establishments?”